Interface Error

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    public interface Error
    extends android.os.Parcelable
    Error object with information
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      static class  Error.Domain
      The possible domains where the error can be produced
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        android.os.Parcelable.ClassLoaderCreator<T extends java.lang.Object>, android.os.Parcelable.Creator<T extends java.lang.Object>
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      int getCode()
      Return the error code.
      Error.Domain getDomain()
      The error domain
      android.os.Bundle getExtras()
      Optional extras given more information about the error
      java.lang.String getMessage()
      The detailed error message
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        describeContents, writeToParcel
    • Method Detail

      • getCode

        int getCode()
        Return the error code. The common errors are explained in CommonErrorConstant.Code. Every manager has its own error codes. See the Javadoc of each manager for more info
      • getDomain

        Error.Domain getDomain()
        The error domain
      • getMessage

        java.lang.String getMessage()
        The detailed error message
      • getExtras

        android.os.Bundle getExtras()
        Optional extras given more information about the error