Interface LocationManager

  • public interface LocationManager
    This class provides Situm Indoor and / or Outdoor positioning. In essence, this class allows you to:

    Before using any of this class methods, you must call SitumSdk.init(Context). Also, before you use this class, the user will need to grant the following runtime permissions:

    • ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION. Required if you use Situm SDK in Building Mode (positioning restricted to Indoor Positions within a predefined building). Building Mode can be configured using the LocationRequest.setBuildingIdentifier() method.
    • ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION. Required if you use Situm SDK in Global Mode (positioning anywhere, Indoors or Outdoors, with automatic building detection). Global Mode is the default mode when building the LocationRequest.
    See Also:
    LocationRequest, Location, LocationListener
    • Method Detail

      • requestLocationUpdates

        void requestLocationUpdates​(@NonNull
                                    LocationRequest locationRequest,
                                    LocationListener locationListener)
        Starts positioning with the configuration specified by the LocationRequest; computed geolocations, status codes and errors will be received through the LocationListener callbacks.

        You may call this method more than once, with the following effect:

        • If you provide a new LocationRequest instance, positioning will be re-started with the new positioning options specified by this new instance.
        • If you provide a new LocationListener, the former LocationListener will be replaced, therefore geolocations will be communicated to the new one.
        • If neither LocationRequest nor LocationListener change, nothing will happen.

        You may stop positioning at any time by calling the LocationManager.removeUpdates() method.

        Since: 2.50.1 - When positioning in Global Mode, in case of encountering any error (e.g. network failure, corrupt data in a building, etc.), positioning will stop and inform of the error. In previous versions, Situm SDK would retry endlessly (except in case of network errors).
        locationRequest - the location request with the positioning configuration parameters: Building vs Global, whether or not to use WiFi or BLE, etc.
        locationListener - the listener to notify the generated geolocations, and other information (status and errors).
      • removeUpdates

        void removeUpdates​(@NonNull
                           LocationListener locationListener)
        Stops positioning, removing all location updates for the given LocationListener.
        locationListener - the listener to remove
      • updateLocationParameters

        void updateLocationParameters​(@NonNull
                                      LocationParametersUpdate locationParametersUpdate,
                                      LocationParametersUpdateListener locationParametersUpdateListener)
        Updates positioning parameters on the fly (without stopping and re-starting positioning).

        When the LocationManager is running (LocationManager.isRunning() is true), this method provides a convenient way to change the positioning parameters without re-starting positioning (that is, without calling LocationManager.removeUpdates() and LocationManager.requestLocationUpdates() again).

        This method has no effect if the LocationManager is not running (LocationManager.isRunning() is false).

        locationParametersUpdate - object containing parameters to be modified. See LocationParametersUpdate for a detailed description.
        locationParametersUpdateListener - listener that will be notified with the states that the update process goes through. The process of updating parameters is an asynchronous operation that involves a series of states that will be communicatied via the LocationParametersUpdateListener. All these methods will be called on the main thread.

        Version: 0.0.1 Since: Starting from version of the SDK 2.41.0

      • setGeofenceListener

        void setGeofenceListener​(GeofenceListener geofenceListener)
        Set the GeofenceListener that will be called when the user enters or exits geofences. Call this method before the positioning is started.