Interface GeofenceListener

  • public interface GeofenceListener
    Implement this class to get notified about entering/exiting geofences. In order to use correctly these callbacks you must know the following:
    1. Positioning geofences (with trainer_metadata custom field) won't be notified.
    2. These callbacks only work with indoor locations. Any outdoor location will produce a call to onExitedGeofences with the last positioned geofences as argument.
    • Method Detail

      • onEnteredGeofences

        void onEnteredGeofences​(java.util.List<Geofence> enteredGeofences)
        Called when the user enters a geofence.
        enteredGeofences - List that the user has entered.
      • onExitedGeofences

        void onExitedGeofences​(java.util.List<Geofence> exitedGeofences)
        Called when the user exits a geofence.
        exitedGeofences - List that the user has exited.