Code examples

We have a project in Github with multiple examples available. We explain how to configure the Situm SDK in your application, how to initialize it and how to start to work with us. The examples included are the following:

Get buildings information
Download building information: name, location, dimensions, etc...
Start the positioning
How to start the positioning in a building
Positioning in indoor-outdoor
How to start the positioning in both modes: indoor and outdoor
Show a building in Google Maps
How to show a building floor in Google Maps
Show current position in Google Maps
How to show the device current position
Show POIs (points of interest) in Google Maps
How to show a list of POIs that belongs to a building
Show route between POIs in Google Maps
How to show a route between two POIs inside a building
Show realtime devices
How to show the position of the devices that are currently inside a building
List all the events, with its info, in a building
How to show all the events of a building and the data for each one
Check if user is inside an event
How to check if the user location is inside an event
Filter POIs using Key-Value pairs
How to filter a building's POIs by using Key-Value pairs
Instructions during navigation
How to show the indications during navigation
Animate the position marker
How to animate the position marker to get a better UX during navigation
Show geofences and calculate intersection with a point
Draw geofences over a map and check if a position is inside or passing over the geofence
Update location parameters during positioning
Change some of the location configuration while system is positioning